CREATIVE DIRECTION | Covers: Concept, Image Construction, Art Direction, Retouching, Layout and Design. ( press play below. please note some videos have music )

I composed this image for a custom publication which I Art Directed for Aer Lingus. I created the first issue and initial subsequent issues. This video showcases my creative process and creative involvement at each step of production. Constructing the still life of perfume bottles into something aesthetically pleasing ( glue gun in hand ) adding the marbles in and removing or adding them digitally later to give the client the option. I pushed to keep them in as it takes the image to another level making the mundane look magical and a bit more whimsical. Retouching also involved upping colour levels, adding colour and deleting other unwanted details like straws, murky shadows, dirt and other flaws to make the image even more appealing to the consumer. You also see how the image is incorporated with the italicised brand identity (which I also created for Aer Lingus) and typography for the issue. This cover also featured a Pantone colour and Spot UV on the masthead and on dome of the other coverlines which I wanted to emphasise. Giving a little extra pop to the finished product. Voila!