grey-hair-1Grey hair? don’t care! No, really don’t. Trust me silver hair is ‘de rigueur’ so enjoy it while you can. Bin the dye (not a good look anyway) and embrace a more pigment-less coiffure this Autumn. However don’t be fooled, though grey hair sounds low maintenance, to rock a truly reflective silver bonce takes the right products and a scintilla of effort. Read on…

First things for you’ll need to get your hands on some blue shampoo. Grey hair is actually white hair and has no pigment its only when it blends in with the slightly more pigmented hair surrounding it that the overall effect is ‘grey’. The thing about white hair though is that it easily picks up pollutants and minerals in the water we bathe in and this leads to yellowing. Not a good look. The grey hair kind of takes on a warm tinge which is exactly what you DON’T want. Solution? blue shampoo. Blue or purple shampoos don’t dye your hair they counteract brassy tones by neutralising them. By using them once a week your hair will look more lustrous and shiny.( This is also good for bottle blondes as it eliminates brassiness.)


Grey hair also tends to be drier so a good clear serum is a must. I love using Coconut oil as a once of treatment but its too greasy to leave in so wash it out after. Other than that a light clear or white pomade is good to keep strays in check (avoid any coloured styling products as the colour can stain). Finally if you want to really counteract any insecurities about looking older its best to keep grey hair styles shorter and more dynamic. Grey hair tends to be unruly once it gets that little bit longer- which also has the tendency to make you look like some wacky 60 year old professor so unless you have time to style it to the max everyday best to keep it short (but no buzz cuts!)

So get out there and embrace your silver fox and who knows you could be the next George Clooney.